"The most powerful commitment you can make is to your own growth.
There is no turning back from there."

You are a miracle. 
It's time for you to awaken to that.

Once you begin the process of awakening, your life is the most mysterious and fascinating endeavor, and you would not trade anything for the "good" and "bad" experiences that have shaped how you uniquely express yourself in this world...
Kenda Swanson, founder of Awaken Inspire Empower Services, Inc.
Who is Kenda?

My name is Kenda and I provide Love, Relationship and Life guidance
I work my magic by helping people Live more though Loving more, and gently guiding them to lives of shameless self-expression.

My journey into spirituality and mentorship has been carved out for me since birth; however, upon overcoming life-threatening addictions to food and alcohol and completing a Masters of Science degree after many years of University studies, I decided to fully embrace and step into my talent of inspiring others through teaching unconditional Love. My life is the living example of this. 
To be clear, even though I help people create harmonious relationships, my work is not limited to those wanting more out of romance and/or Love.

I help women to awaken to more of their Loving and -ultimately- Living potential in a beautiful journey of self-discovery, by facing their challenges head-on, diffusing triggers, and taking responsibility for what they see in their lives. I guide along the oath of awakening and empowerment. 
In essence, I help my fellow Goddess sisters to build the self-confidence necessary to express themselves fully, freely and confidently, discover their unique gifts, embrace their internal Power, and manifest miracles in their lives. 
Yes, YOU are a medium for miracles.
Well I can tell you now – if this message is resonating – it is time for you to centre into your Truth and claim the Life that is patiently waiting…
So how can you get started?
Let’s begin…
What Services Does Kenda Offer?
I am committed to your expansion, Goddess. 
I facilitate the process of awakening in the areas of Love and relationships, physical confidence and wellness, and everyday inspiration. I have a variety of services and products available to suit every Goddess' unique path to empowerment.

Here's a sneak peak at what I'm currently offering...

  •  Becoming Love: A guided meditation to help every Goddess awaken to more of her own capacity for Love
  •  Single to Soulmate: 21-day Program to help you manifest the unconditionally Loving relationship of your dreams
  •  Fearless Femme Swag: Tank tops, tees, and sweaters to help you step out fully and channel your Divine with confidence
  •  One-on-one counselling and mentorship sessions for Goddesses who desire a little bit more personalized support
At the top of this page you will see a list of pickable options. 
Click on one that interests you to be guided to a new page where you can learn more. 
Join the Tribe #FearlessFemme
The Tribe of Fearless Femmes is a Goddess group of strong, empowered women who see the brilliance and beauty in one another and support one another, unconditionally.
As an individual, a Fearless Femme is a woman who follows her heart unapologetically. She is one who faces adversities in her life head-on, and, through all life's hardships, remains dedicated to her own awakening and self-growth.
Together, we create a tribe of women who are committed to growing in Love and appreciation of ourselves and reminding one another of our individual and collective commitment to honoring the Goddess within.
“There is nothing more to become, only more to reveal.”
Join the tribe... #fearlessfemme
Three ways to connect with your sisters...
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