Becoming Love Meditation 
How do I know when I'm living in my True Essence?
  •  You know that you are gorgeous, intelligent and talented - the absolute picture of perfection.
  •  You feel joyous and enthusiastic about life, yet peaceful. 
  •  You are no longer concerned with money, time, or failing relationships. 
  •  Inspiration is your fuel in everything that you do. 
  •  You feel 100% completely confident dealing with whatever comes your way. 
  •  You are consciously creating the things you would like to see.  
  •  You experience True, Unconditional Love in all of your affairs (both giving and receiving). 
  •  You feel AWAKE.
Awakening to your True Essence by Becoming Love 
will allow you to claim and live out the life that you deserve,
the life that you long for that longs for you, too.
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Becoming Love Meditation - this is a 18-minute audio download that you can listen to and connect with your Powerful Loving Essence right now. 
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