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My friend, this is just the beginning.
One of the best ways to get on the fast-track to love
How can you do this?
the 3 ingredients to success are:
1. Support – getting a cheerleader, a guide, or a coach on your team. Someone who is there to lift you up, encourage you, and help you claim the love and the life you want.

2. A System – it takes tools and techniques to make these 7 Secrets a part of your everyday life. Your outer world reflects your inner world. Fearless Femme. When you become a vibrational match to the love life you desire, it comes to you - just like thatThe magic happens! 

3. Practice - Life is wonderful dynamic ever-changing process of learning, growing, becoming. As you practice new ways of thinking and behaving, new habits form. New habits can lead to powerful changes. When you make a commitment to love, your life transforms. Day by day!
If you’re ready for love, love is more than ready for you. I know it might sound daunting, and you might not be sure where to start. That’s why I’m here! You’re not alone on this journey. I am here to support, coach and guide you to the love life you deserve. 
My 21-day program from Single to Soulmate will offer you an opportunity of a lifetime – to rediscover your potential for passionate romance, and to attract the lover and partner of your dreams. It includes:
  •  Daily inspirational messages, videos and activities. This information will be delivered through email every single day of the week for the entire 21-day program. The content of these emails is designed to SHIFT your awareness in terms of what’s possible for you when it comes to romance.
  •  Access to a private Facebook group. This is a platform for all Fearless Femmes involved in the program to discuss their experience, ask questions of each other and reach out to me. I will discuss topics that come up in the Facebook private group in Live Facebook and Instagram streaming and/or the weekly webinar sessions (details below…)
  •  Interactive Weekly Webinar sessions. Every week I will discuss an important concept or idea, and then will open up the conversation for Q & A and discussion among Fearless Femmes in attendance. Additionally, I will also be going LIVE on Instagram and Facebook at least once per week. These are great opportunities to connect with me and have your questions answered.
  •  A completion gift! The greatest gift of ALL is manifesting the sexy, soulmate relationship of your dreams. The priceless gift I offer you through the completion of the 21-day program is opening up your capacity to give and receive true love. In addition, you will also receive a special gift from me, to help celebrate & commemorate the joyous experience of joining me and other Fearless Femmes on the journey from Single to Soulmate. Specific details about this prize will be communicated near the end of the program – this is because I haven’t decided yet! I want to pick the perfect gift for the Fearless Femmes I have joining me on this special journey.
  •  Access to all messages & video training for a minimum for 5 months. You will be able to log into your account and access all of the information and materials you have received from me long after the program has completed. This is key, Fearless Femme. Sometimes, especially in those moments of doubt, we need to revisit inspirational information & material - even though we already deep-down know it – to help get us back on track. It’s a human thing. I am thrilled to announce that it is all available to you for a minimum of 5 months after this program has completed. By then, you will have made great strides in your love life.
  •  The opportunity for VIP upgrade. Success in this program requires a commitment to contemplating sexy soulmate love on a daily basis. Support is a key pillar to success. I recognize that some Fearless Femmes may feel better supported and accountable to their daily practice by establishing a closer relationship with me through personal coaching services. For those who feel this would be beneficial to them, I am pleased to offer a more personal one-on-one relationship with me through the VIP package upgrade. The VIP upgrade includes participation in the regular program + 3 hour-long one-on-one sessions with me to be scheduled during the 21-day program (coaching sessions conducted through Skype or Facetime). If this interests you, don’t hesitate – as the number of VIP upgrade offers is limited. (more details on the VIP upgrade immediately after you join the 21-day challenge – just get yourself “in” first!)
The daily messages of inspiration, video lessons, weekly webinars, and personal guidance and coaching with me over these 21 days are designed to help you SHIFT from:

  • Feeling lonely to loved
  •  Selling yourself short to going after what you really want
  •  Self-critical to self-celebrating
  •  Holding yourself back to moving forward with gusto
  • Settling to manifesting the perfect romance for you
Fearless Femme, you deserve to have the passionate,  sexy, unconditionally-loving soulmate relationship of your dreams. You will notice that when you are in love, the rest of your life seems more joyous, freer, more exciting, and easier. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you’re single, in an open, complicated, or a long-term relationship – if you’re looking for MORE out of your love life, this program is for you. I dare say that you OWE this experience to yourself. From Single to Soulmate is designed to give you the Support, the System, and the Training to make your love life a SUCCESS!

Let me help you awaken to your sexy soulmate potential and summon the romantic relationship of your dreams. Take a journey with me, Fearless Femme.
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